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S. Morteza H. Mirzaei

S. Morteza (Morty) H. Mirzaei is a dedicated and accomplished graduate research assistant at the Center for Vehicle Systems and Safety at Virginia Tech. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the esteemed University of Tehran in 2022, where he developed a strong foundation in engineering principles.

Morty's expertise lies in the exciting realm of vehicle dynamics, fault detection, data analysis, machine learning, sensor applications, and energy harvesting. He thrives on solving complex problems and exploring cutting-edge technologies that can make transportation safer and more efficient.

Currently, Morty is actively engaged in two exciting projects. The first project focuses on non-contact in-motion track instability detection using Doppler LiDAR sensors and machine learning algorithms. By exploring innovative sensing technologies, he aims to contribute to the development of safer and more efficient rail transits.

In his second project, Morty is involved in non-contact detection and evaluation of rail gage face grease through optical sensing methods. His work in this area promises to improve the maintenance and reliability of rail systems, ensuring smoother operations and reducing potential risks.

As he continues to advance his research career, Morty remains committed to leveraging technology and data-driven approaches to address real-world challenges in transportation.

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