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Heavy Trucks

Recent projects

(1) Ground Trailer Roll Stability Test Evaluation

The project is to perform double-trailer roll stability testing for the evaluation of existing roll stability control (RSC) systems to improve the roll propensity of double-trailers

(2) Modeling, Control, and Design Study of Balanced Pneumatic Suspension for Improved Roll Stability in Heavy Trucks

The primary objectives of this study are:

  • Simulate and analyze the effect of the balanced suspension on truck dynamics
  • Conduct Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) for the balanced suspension
  • Suggest potential improvements for the balanced suspension control system

(3) Simulation-Based Study of Lateral Characteristics for Trucks with Double and Triple Trailers

This research provides a simulation-based evaluation for the lateral performance-based characteristics of 28-ft double, 33-ft double, and 28-ft triple trailer, in terms of rollover likelihood, rear amplification effect, and off-tracking

Simulation-Based Study of Lateral Characteristics for Trucks with Double and Triple Trailers

(4) Roll and Yaw Stability Evaluation of Class 8 Trucks with Single and Dual Trailers in Various Speed, Maneuver, and Roadway Conditions

The objectives of the projects are to:

  • Develop comprehensive roundabout models including key elements that potentially affect truck roll dynamics
  • Evaluate the effect of modern roundabout geometry, truck configuration, and truck load condition on truck rollover likelihood in modern roundabouts
  • Develop an accurate model of the 28-ft A-train double to study the mechanism of rearward amplification and jackknifing event